Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Diamond DS Lite Is A Girl's Best Friend .... Not!

Give me strength.

I hate pink consoles, I really do and wrote an article for MCV a few weeks ago berating the fact the games industry seems obsessed with producing these monstrosities in order to attract the female demographic.

Sony and Nintendo: we love you but, please, just stop it.

Well now things have gone bonkers. A press release just landed in my inbox from the nice folks at Cake, Nintendo's wonderful PR company, about a new limited edition DS Lite covered in 'over 1,200 of Swarovski’s finest crystals in varying shades of pink' costing a whopping £360! The consoles were designed by Paris Hilton (figures!) and are only available from the Multipazz boutique in central London.

No comment. Well, okay, maybe just one: The Nintendogs DS Lite below is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Closely followed by the DS Lite to it's right!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You may hate the pink consoles....however they do work and many female ds owners I know picked one up because it was pink. It was the tipping point.

tekanji said...

I roll my eyes at Sony's blatant attempt to get the "girl" gaming market by offering pink.

Nintendo? Not so much. Nintendo has a longstanding history of offering a myriad of colours for its gaming systems, and if their constant usage of pink as one of those colours is specifically aimed at female gamers, it's not their only marketing strategy.

In Japan, at least, the DS has been hardcore pushed for the traditionally seen as non-gamer sections, especially women. And most of the commercials I've seen used either the white or the light blue console.

Also, the first person I knew who got a DS was a guy. He unashamedly loved the colour pink and in the beginning he kept repeating how happy he was to have gotten the colour. If he got any slack for it, I wasn't around to see it.

Ultimately what I'm trying to say is that pink is just another colour. Companies shouldn't be chided for using it, but rather looked at and possibly criticized for the way that they use it.

anilineblack said...

This is far from new though. NYC Peach has been selling their Swarovski studded DSs at the Nintendo store since last Christmas. They're much better looking than the Paris Hilton ones though, IMO. I had my pink DS lite customized by NYC Peach and I love it to death. :)

rupauk said...

all the paris version needs now is a strap and a gucci makeup pouch on the back. 360 pounds?! pray paris doesn't breed. pray.

Ashley said...

Pink DS's are fine, I don't see a problem with them. I have the electric blue one, and I'm a girl, and I wouldn't even want the pink one. But then again it doesn't really matter. =/

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, chill out. This isn't supposed to be opening a fight. While yes, pink is supposedly "the girl's color," not all girls like pink. Or shiny, gaudy, sparkly things all over what they're trying to play a game on. There were other colors used to lure girls in; most of the DS's I've seen are pastel colors, which is not usually a guy thing. But neither is pink. Usually.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting my GBA... And, actually, my GBC too. I was really happy to see a variety in colour, and could choose myself a purple one. Well, it looked more blue than purple; but you catch my drift.

Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with having pink NDSLs- as long as Nintendo don't scream, "LOOK, IT'S PINK!" Which, by the sounds of it, Sony was. (I wasn't really paying much attention to their marketing techniques.)

Unfortunately, these horrific monstrosities- I mean, the diamonte-covered ones, not the pink ones- will undoubtedly sell to the more idiotic of the new "gamers". Yeah, you know, the ones who play Cooking Mama and Nintendogs, but have never heard of Fable or Halo, and would rather die than play a version of Sonic or Mario more than a year old. As far as I can tell, the only way to stop this is to put a huge, pink, diamante-covered cutesy puppy or something way out to sea, and watch them try to swim to it.

As for pink- it's not for me, but if you like video games and pink, so what?

Whoa, that turned into a real tirade. Sorry.

Phoebe said...

I'm all up for feminism but hey, i'm a girl, i'm not a particularly masculine girl, and I would NOT buy a pink DS.
Maybe thats because last night i bought a limited edition gold Zelda Triforce one, but still...
Real girl gamers know what they're doing.

Jesika said...

I think it's great that the have pink ones :) My little sister has a normal pink one, and I'm getting one soon too. I'm not a girly girl, I kick my boyfriends butt in WoW and stuff lol, I just think it's cute and I like the colour. The nintendogs thing is ugly as though, I agree with you there.