Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guardian Goodness: Another Achievement Ticked Off

Every journo has a wishlist of publications or websites they want to write for and today saw the publication of my first piece in a national: a review for the Technophile section of The Guardian no less!

It's only a small review but it means a hell of a lot to my family, it's something they can relate to and is a newspaper they're aware of, the last time I got this kind of reaction, I'd just done a six page feature on Ashes to Ashes.

At the same time cracking The Guardian feels like an obscure rite of passage, most journos I know have written for the paper and many have penned bits for Technophile and now I'm among them it feels like - despite having written for four years - that I've finally made it as a journalist.

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writeyouare said...

I am now trying to tick off at least one Guardian supplement for each day of the week! Have managed Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and three Saturday sections. Which leaves Tuesday and Friday...